I compose and perform my own music - listen to some examples here.

Latest Work

On the 2nd September 2022 my dear brother Harvey hung himself. At the age of only 55 he left behind his loving family. We will never truly know why.

I now realise that life is fragile and so very very short. I have thankfully been able to express myself through my art. Clinging to my faith in a forgiving and loving God, I found myself at the sea shores of Anglesey. Connecting to the restorative magic of the rhythmic pulse of the waves; breathing in the salt giving vitality to the lungs, I found myself singing in an ancient rocky outcrop, ( my Cathedral) old hymns of praise.

I pick up shells as I wander along barefoot and wonder at the beauty of their patterns. Although each one is as unique as we are, they are all bound by the sacred geometry of their maker. In later research an awesome realisation dawns. These same divine proportions are found in our own creation. The golden mean ratio abounds in the form of our hands; our faces and our bodies! From flowers and petals how trees divide into branches. From the grand cosmos to our heart beat on a hospital graph! The precision of the mathematics was explained in the 12 century by an Italian known as Fibonacci. To me it’s like vibration solidified. God reveals himself to me in sea shells along the beach. I perceive a direct correlation between sacred form, faith and eternity. Mathematics dictates that there is no end. Physics dictates that there is only transition and a change of energy. Life is but a spiritual journey of evolution and hopeful ascension. Upwards!

I marvel at the study of sound waves made visible on a vibrating plate of flat metal with grains of sand making the same sacred geometrical patterns as found on sea shells and in our form too. We are eternal and divine! My latest artwork combines the harmony and beauty of these forms, reflecting my joyous wonderment of the natural laws of eternal creation and God.

Karen Jones

I stood by the Sun Moon and Stars


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Kissed by the Moon


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Newry Beach Holyhead

2ft by 3ft 3 inch
Oil on canvas

SOLD - £175

  • Newry Beach

Jewels amongst the sand

Size 24" Square.
Oil on wood.
Framed in white.

SOLD - £325

  • jewels-amongst-the-sand

God's healing hand

SOLD - £650

  • llun_1

Going with the flow

SOLD - £550

  • llun_2

God's fingerprint

SOLD - £425

  • llun_3

For the love of a Rose

SOLD - £475

  • llun_4



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  • llun_5

The Gift of family


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  • llun-6

Towards love - a seed of faith


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  • llun-7


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